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Date & time Mar 15 '22
Creator Jonathon Sthilaire

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Students generally have a better time with students who are less intelligent than them. This is mainly because it is easier to get attention from these students, and they also respond well when students initiate a conversation. On the other hand, it is difficult to talk to intelligent students, because they value their time and energy more than others.


You won’t have any problem in making average friends in college, but if you want to make intelligent friends, you will have to put in more efforts. When you will initiate your conversations with intelligent students, you might not get the response which you expect, but do not feel upset by that. Some people just take time to warm up to you, so you need to be patient from your side. Do not feel too desperate to become friends with all the intelligent students in your class, it would be better to take writing help from an online assignment writer instead of following the students who don’t respond well to you. If you get a bad experience with one of the intelligent students, do not automatically assume that everyone s going to be like that.


Try to interact with other students, who are better than you, soon you will find someone who appreciates your presence and is happy to be friends with you. Spending time with intelligent students would always motivate you to perform better in college, which is what most of the students are looking for.

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