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Academy For Sustainability & Environmental Technology (ASET)

- Sustainable ECO-services “reduced to the max !” -

In our fast moving times, economy & ecology have become central and inseparable factors in almost all areas of life. No matter when and where this may be the case. In practice, however, we repeatedly observe that economical and ecological interests are often considered to be incompatible with each other. Such a conception may lead to misunderstandings and, once in a while, to tense and irreconcilable relationships between the parties involved.

In our experience, this is particularly true of waste management and other environment related sustainable development.

As we believe that these miscomprehensions may be detrimental to the actual purpose, the very objective of our efforts is to reconcile economy & ecology in an adequate manner. This is why we write the word “ECO” in capital letters. According to our internal guideline:

“ Think globally - act locally, rationally and sustainably ! ”

we attach paramount importance to networked and anticipatory approaches. In the context of our waste management related projects, we would like to underline that children are in the special focus of our interest, because they represent our common “green” future !

ASET is an upcoming service company in Ras Al Khaimah that has been successfully asserting itself on the ECO-market since a couple of years. We are ambicious and motivated enough to also tackle environment related problems that until have now been largely neglected. We are primarily specialised in the specific fields of action (see SERVICES)

Our small but highly flexible team consists of professional staff that works in the various disciplines within environmental sciences, economics and computer sciences. We guarantee the quickest possible, professional and tailor-made elaboration of research projects and services in line with the latest scientific research, technology and legal framework. “We do what we know best, & for our partners the rest !” According to this our guiding principle, we are highly motivated in involving various partners into our projects, always aiming at offering our customers the best problem solutions possible - effective solutions “Reduced to the Max !”